17.03.2019 7 years since DAN instrument’s first run

11.03.2019 MGNS instrument's third run

26.02.2019 12 years of BTN-M1 instrument's successful operations

19.02.2019 17 years of continuous orbital mapping by HEND

27.01.2019 LEND instrument 10 years aboard NASA LRO spacecraft

14.12.2018 DAN's “anniversary” nine millionth neutron pulse

03.12.2018 MGNS instrument's second run

15.11.2018 MGNS instrument's first run

12.11.2018 FREND first findings report at the Academy of Sciences Physical Department meeting

20.10.2018 Successful launch of ESA BepiColombo mission spacecraft

18.10.2018 Dress countdown rehearsal successfully performed

12.10.2018 The combined operations with BepiColombo Project and ArianeSpace

05.10.2018 The countdown rehearsal had to be repeated due to script updates

28.09.2018 MPO and MTM battery have been charged in parallel to the AFT

21.09.2018 MLI finalisation and sewing activities on MPO and MTM

14.09.2018 Refueling of MPO and MTM

07.09.2018 Both modules have been installed

31.08.2018 MPO radiator fin installation has been completed

24.08.2018 Final MMO/MOSIF mechanical and electricalmating on MPO has been completed

17.08.2018 Harness set-up for the electrical MCS configuration was completed

10.08.2018 Required some procedural modifictions

03.08.2018 BepiColombo successfully performed SVT-2

27.07.2018 BepiColombo is in electrical stack configuration

20.07.2018 The electrical test planned for next week

13.07.2018 MPO MLI integration around the Antenna Pointing Mechanism

06.07.2018 NDIU link with ESOC has been successfully checked

29.06.2018 MLI activitiesare on going

22.06.2018 Leak check of all valves has been completed

15.06.2018 Side panel MLI integration and sewing has been completed

08.06.2018 The launch campaign is running very well

01.06.2018 Container-ship “CMA CGM Brasil” has arrived

25.05.2018 DTCs (Deployable Thermal Covers) on MPO

18.05.2018 Intensive electrical checks

11.05.2018 The final MPO Payload AFT

04.05.2018 Unpacking and mounting of MPO

27.04.2018 The arrival the reduced teams in Kourou

17.10.2016 Модули миссии «ЭкзоМарс» успешно разделились на подлете к планете

22.06.2016 Вторые проверки российского прибора ФРЕНД на борту миссии “ЭкзоМарс-2016” прошли успешно

26.04.2016 Детекторы прибора ФРЕНД включены на время перелёта к Марсу

06.08.2012 Российский прибор ДАН прибывает на Марс

08.12.2011 26 ноября российский нейтронный детектор ДАН стартовал к Марсу

26.11.2011 Российский прибор на американском марсоходе будет искать воду на Красной планете

26.11.2011 Марсоход НАСА отправляется изучать жизнь на Красной планете

20.10.2011 Mars Rover Carries Device for Underground Scouting

13.10.2011 Ученые выбрали места посадки для российского зонда «Луна-Глоб»