Welcome to the IKI Department №63 main page! We study space objects using the methods of nuclear physics.

If we divide the mass of Mars, where we discovered water in 2002, to the mass of neutron elementary particle, which we used to detect this water, we get the incredibly large number 4*1050. The farthest objects that we study hide on the edge of the Universe. Their light that we see now had been emitted 10 billion years, so that neither Sun nor the Moon existed when it only started its trip from there to the Earth. On the other hand, the nearest object under study is our 'next-door' satellite — the Moon. In June 2009 it took only three days for our LEND neutron telescope to reach it.

That's the vastness of space, and the scope of our studies. The words, which we we use speaking about 'our Universe', 'our Mars', 'our Moon', are to a great extent our life. We make space instruments and send them to Mars and the Moon — to unveil and comprehend the beauty and perfection of the space surrounding us.

Take a look at our results and at our team — we will be glad to answer your questions.

                                                                        Dr. I.G. Mitrofanov